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What to Do With A Flood Damaged Car?

What to Do With A Flood Damaged Car?

Even the most stringent hurricane and thunderstorm preparations may not be enough to keep your vehicle completely safe. Recent hurricanes have wreaked havoc on communities and prompted an increase in the number of flooded automobiles. Keeping your car in good working order can be difficult when there are trees, pets, and other plant life thrashing around. This can cause trees and utility cables to fall unexpectedly, as well as frequent flooding. For the majority of Queenslanders, cleaning up after themselves is a major undertaking practically every year.

If you have a flood-damaged car as a result of the recent storm that devastated Queensland, there are four simple actions you may take to get it fixed:

Initial Inspection of Your Flooded Automobile

You’ll need to produce a detailed record of all of the damage that has been done to your vehicle. Having a flood-damaged car can be dangerous because the water can cause significant engine damage, which can even result in a fire. Do not attempt to start your vehicle. Starting your car after water has entered the wiring or electronic components may result in an unwanted spark, which may ignite a fire in your car. If water has entered the wiring or electronic components of your vehicle, turning on the ignition may result in an unwanted spark, which may ignite a fire in your car. Take pictures of your car in this condition to submit to your insurance provider.

Step Two: Prevent more water damage to your automobile.

Examine your automobile thoroughly after being put to use in a flood or storm and, if necessary, start making any needed repairs. You can use caulk as a preventive measure against water seeping into your automobile. Even the corrosion of any car openings can be sealed to stop water damage from the elements. Check to see that all of your windows, sunroof, and doors are properly sealed. It is important to cover and seal any damaged windows in order to prevent additional water from entering and causing further damage to the interior of your automobile.

The third step is to contact RACQ or your insurance company.

You’ll want to notify your insurance company as quickly as possible if your vehicle has been damaged in any way. If you have comprehensive coverage, you should be insured, but only your insurance agent will be able to tell you for definite if you are. Damage to your car caused by a storm will not be covered if you simply have collision or liability insurance. However, the sooner you find out whether or not your vehicle is insured, the sooner you can make a choice about your next steps in the process.

Step Four: Determine the cost of repairing your flooded car.

The next measures you take will be determined by the extent of the damage to your vehicle. Your insurance company may determine that the expense of repairing your flooded car is small. It’s possible that your flooded automobile is still repairable, but you should think about selling it because flood damaged vehicles often have problems that don’t manifest themselves immediately away, such as mildew or damage to the catalytic converter. Living through a hurricane or severe storm for the first time was a nightmare, and trying to sell a flood-damaged car might be a complete nightmare.

Fortunately, selling a flood-damaged car in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Redland Bay, Capalaba, or the Sunshine Coast is the quickest and most convenient option. We all know that automobiles, trucks, SUVs, and boats retain their worth even after being badly damaged and destroyed by a thunderstorm and floodwaters, and this is no exception. To receive a risk-free cash offer, please contact us at 0491108936 right away.

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